I LOVE your HAIR!!! Are your CURLS REAL?!

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 My CURLS are definitely REAL! But more importantly, they are as GENUINE as my COMMITMENT is to my CRAFT…

After 30 years of training and experience as an actress, director, educator and voice-over talent, I can say without a doubt: I TALK FOR A LIVING.

My vocal skills are as versatile as the direction my curls move!  My voice has been described as rich, articulate, confident, expressive and inviting, and has been used to communicate a wide variety of messages. I’ve used my vocal performance skills by sharing stories through voice over projects such as: Audiobooks, Corporate Narration, e-Learning, Podcasts, and much more.



My background is as unique as my hair! Coming from a rich multi-cultural background, armed with a natural curiosity, and diverse training,  I enjoy interpreting, analyzing and communicating a variety of messages to a diverse audience.

As a performer, there is tremendous satisfaction in breathing life into the written word, and touching the hearts and minds of your audience.



Whether you are looking for  a ‘straight’ conversational read, or a ‘curly’ playful read…I bring the following qualities to all my work:

  • Strong Commitment to your project
  • Ability to tell your story the way you want it expressed
  • An eye and ear for detail
  • Versatility
  • Quality product
  • Respect for deadlines
  • Reasonable Rates

Plus BONUS Skills, such as…

  • Accent/dialect work Although my primary language is General American English, I am well versed in IPA, and use the technique developed by Eliza Jane Schneider, a renowned voice-over talent and accent/dialect coach to many Hollywood stars, to learn how to recreate virtually any accent.   You can listen to my accent work on my Demo Samples.


  • Genuine emotional connection is what I strive for in every project.  As a Level 3 Certified performer/coach in the ALBA EMOTING Method,  I can give you the emotional impact you seek , or even help you tap into your own emotional range.

    I also promote the ALBA platform of helping actors avoid Emotional Hangovers through a Step Out Method.  Read my article ‘EMOTIONAL HANGOVER’ in the Southeastern Theatre Magazine to learn more about this subject. Or, listen to my interview on #VO BOSS podcast on the importance of Emotional Intelligence.

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