Solid Foundation

Being able to continue my growth as a performer, director, and educator is a vital part of who I am.  My formal education has been in theatre, with a focus on performance studies.  I earned my BFA from Brooklyn College, and my MFA from The Ohio State University.  I received my formal training in voice-over from EDGE Studio.  I continue to hone my craft in voiceover, by training with professionals in Master Workshops. In addition, I participate in weekly workouts with VO Heaven to exercise my voice-over skills.  I also attend conferences, such as VOAtlanta, where I gain valuable current insight in the industry, as well as, participate in the master classes they offer.  The following are a sampling of the Master Workshops I have participated with many well-known voice-over professionals:

Anne Ganguzza (VO Peeps/Corporate Narration/Telephony/Business & Money 101)
Marc Graue (Animation & Creature Characters)
David Rosenthal (GVAA: Medical Narration)
J. Michael Collins (Online Casting)
Joe Loesch (Booth Camp/Marketing 101)
Eliza Jane Schneider (Accent/Dialects)
Lori Alan (Animation Voiceover)
Scott Brick (Audiobook Narration)
Sean Allen Pratt (Non-Fiction Audiobook Narration)
Christa Lewis (Audiobook Narration)
Andrea Toyias (Videogames)
JV Martin (In Show Documentaries)
Brad Venable (Building Character Voices)
Liz de Nesnera
Larry Hudson
(WoW Workouts/Audacity)
Noelle Romano (Technique 101)
Kristen Thorne (Creative Copy Analysis)
Marjorie Kouns (Pacing/Slating/Short Form Analysis)
Randy Kaye (VO Etiquette)
Roy Yokelson (Copy Interpretation)
Stephen Jay Cohen (Reaper)
Jonah Rosenthal (Audacity)
Dave Walsh (True Tell Method)
Marc Scott (Marketing)
Amy Rubinate (Audiobook Intensive)
Laurel Thomas (eLearning)
Christi Bowen (eLearning)
Paul Boucher (eLearning)

Additional training includes: ALBA Emoting, Stanislavsky, Suzuki Voice and Movement, Laban, Linklater, Shakespeare, and IPA.