Unique Monique

Stepping out of the VOX just for You!

Yours Truly…

If you’ve been searching for a vocally rich, expressive, sensual, articulate voice that embodies confidence, strength, sincerity, wit, humor, moxie, honesty and so much more… then you have reached your destination.  

Feel confident knowing that your story is in good hands.  Born in a multi-cultural rich environment infused with unique experiences and over 30 years of dedicated achievements as an actress, director, speaker, voice-over talent, coach and educator in performance, I am here to help you reach others with your words.   All my extensive training  has given me the ability to analyze a message or character, and communicate it to others with great vocal command.  There is tremendous satisfaction in being able to take the written word and breathe life into it.  My natural curiosity drives me to explore the best way to deliver the thoughts, feelings, and subtext to the listener, which is why I am often called a ‘director’s dream.’

Special Talents…

Need an accent? I have training in accent/dialect work.  I am well versed in IPA and use the technique developed by Eliza Jane Schneider, a renowned voice-over talent and accent/dialect coach to many Hollywood stars, to learn how to recreate virtually any accent.   You can listen to samples of my accent work by clicking the ACCENT button or Go To the Demo Samples page.

Want a natural, genuine emotional connection with your material or character?  As a Level 3 Certified performer/coach in ALBA EMOTING,  trained by Master Teacher Laura Bond,  I can give you the emotional impact you seek , or even help you tap into your own, by using the emotional effector patterns to recreate basic emotions developed by Dr. Susana Bloch.  More importantly, I also promote the ALBA platform of helping actors avoid Emotional Hangovers through a Step Out Method.  To learn more about this subject, read my article ‘EMOTIONAL HANGOVER’ in the Southeastern Theatre Magazine

Or you can listen to a recent interview I gave on #VO BOSS podcast with Anne Ganguzza and Gabriel Nistico on the importance of Emotional Intelligence.

Applied Skills…

In voice-over, my journey includes narrating Audiobooks for Learning Ally, Deyan Audio, Findaway, Audible… plus being an interview host for EMAWW’s Emotions Matter Podcastor performing as a Presenter for major events including: Mistress of Ceremonies for the closing of the VOAtlanta Conference, and the Enunciator for the Healthy Learners Adult Spelling Bee.  Plus voicing commercial animations, videos, and apps.  This journey has also included using my directing skills to assist Lisa Biggs, voice-over talent and owner of Dream Bigg Casting, with her Youth Voice-over Plays, that were broadcast at The Ryan Seacrest Studio  and social media, inspires me to help talent learn how to connect creatively with material and engage their listeners.

Visit my Solid Foundation page, to see that my formal training is not only from respected institutions such as Brooklyn College (BFA in Performance), The Ohio State University (MFA in Performance), and Edge Studio (Voice-over Industry),  but that I have also trained with some of the best in the industry.   Throughout the years, I have built strong relationships, and earned awards on projects I have performed in or directed.  My background as a tenured Full Professor in performance studies, and being a life-long learner, I understand the importance of being an active participant in my craft.

Personal Promise…

At the heart of it all…what truly drives me…is using my creative skills to help others solve a problem in a way that exceeds their expectations.  No matter the type of project or role you are seeking to fill, I will commit my time and talent to make the process and the product a rewarding experience for all.   To learn more about how I can help you Tell Your Story, explore the rest of my website, or visit my Facebook page Monique Bagwell Talent.