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This is a “word cloud” made from the feedback of colleagues, friends, family, students and clients.  The following are additional testimonies I have received. These are the reasons I value the work I produce….


Your Voiceover work helped project the perfect tone as we presented our mission and vision to the community…
Jeff Smith, President/CEO. of Greenwood County Community Foundation


Thank you again for all your amazing work and professionalism!
Alicia Heraz, Emaww Founder and CEO


KM Hodge, USA Today Bestselling Author

I am so honored to work with Monique for the audio books for my Syndicate-born Trilogy. She has a wonderful attention to detail and really brings the stories to life. I highly recommend her!

Regina Riservato, General American English Medical Narration Client

You give your all in your sessions. I cannot say I can add to what you already do. You do make it fun to learn. It really is up to the student to change, and you offer your support. Bottom line, if you can change your Brooklyn accent to a general American accent, so can I. You’ve been there, done that; that’s what encourages me to continue. Thank you!

Meredith BrownStress Management Speaker and Humorist, and former Student

Monique Bagwell is an outstanding professor. Even 16 year later (oh time flies) I still feel the motivation, energy, strength, and confidence she provided every time we met in class. Monique is a unique, engaging, and influential professor and will always be remembered.


Kelly Tillinghast, Graduate Academic Advisor, and former Student

I have now been out of college for 10 years and I can tell you this, there are so many courses I took as an undergraduate and I can not tell you a single thing I learned. But the things I learned in her classes have stuck with me for years. I have more memories of her classes than any other courses I took, because of how she taught.