EMOTIONS MATTER Podcast Interviews hosted by me on EMAWW website

 Podcast Interviews for 2017:

ALBA Discovering the Somantic Clarity of Emotions with Laura Bond

Put an end to Frustrations at Work with Sophie Wade

Understanding the Hypnosis Diagnosis with Steven Roh

A Different Approach to Obtaining Information  with Betty Adamou,

Empowering Family Members for Life with Kerry Wekelo

Through Movement to Emotional Awareness with Lavinia Plonka,

Breath Like the Ice Man: Wim Hof Method with Brad Buckedorf

How to Create a Winning Mentality with Kevin Pederson

The Heart Behind the Shield with Rhett Samuel Price

How do Judges Apply the Law and Deal with Emotions in Sensitive Cases with Travis Moore

Pending Interview Guests:
Phylis Murphy: Coordinator for Adult Special Needs
Ash Furrow: Builder of Compassionate Software
Jonathan Tilley: Brand Strategist for Creatives


As a life long learner, I am passionate about understanding how we communicate with our emotions.  Joining the EMAWW team as a podcast Host has given me the opportunity to interview like-minded folks world-wide, whose lives center around the very thing that defines our humanity…our emotions